Wednesday, September 15, 2010

2010 Fall Trends

September generally marks the change from the hot summer months of lounging by the pool to the cooler transition to fall. Along with the (slight) change of weather and schedule (back to school) come the 2010 fall fashion trends. According to Fashion's Night Out in Fort Worth and Refinery29, the fall trends and colors are as followed:

Fur: Whether it's faux or real, fur will be the hottest trend this fall. Vests, shawls, boots, purses, and coats are among the top furriest must haves.

Chunky Sweaters: These sweaters paired with a belt around the waist will make any outfit complete.

Leggings: A repeating trend this year from the previous year. Wear them with boots, heels or flats for either a casual look or an evening out.

Structured handbags: Purses with bold shapes and bold colors will match just about anything.

Feathers: Another repeating trend from the spring/summer. Wear them on a purse, headband, or necklace for added texture.

Layers: Layer a blouse with a vest and add a scarf with a pair of leggings. This is especially great when dealing with the Texas weather  - layers are easily removed and added according to time of day and temperature.

Pearls: They have always been a big part of fashion, but this year they are at the top of the list.

Fall Colors

     Green/Mixed Olives: Wearing several shades of the same color will bring a kick to your outfit. All shades of olive greens, browns, and fatigues will add a surprise military impact for the fall season.

     Camel/Beige: Neutral is the new black. Spice up a neutral outfit with bold colored accessories.

     Gold/Metallic: It's never too early nor too late for something gold, silver, or metallic - it can make any outfit exciting.

     Leopard: Summer's top safari trend is making its way into fall. Leopard print scarves, shoes, purses, and coats will make a big statement and show off your fun side.
Rich Purple: Gem tones reigned supreme for fall 2010, but it's the deep purples and plum colors that lit up the fall runways.

Add these trends, textures and colors to your wardrobe and you are sure to accent any outfit from day to night. If you're a little less on the trendy side, stick with smaller accessories like a piece of jewelery, a purse, or a pair of shoes. For more trends and how to wear them, check out our sources at and

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