Monday, January 31, 2011

Bonjour Mes Amis

Hey guys, Amanda here.

As the newest member to the Kate Reed Designs family, I decided to write a little something about myself, so here it goes:

I'm a TCU graduate who majored in English and Advertising/Public Relations. I'm from Texarkana, but I loved Fort Worth so much (and since I will forever bleed purple) I decided to stay in the area. I love designing and being creative, but I'm also super organized, so my planner is always up to date and color coordinated.

I have a 6 month old puppy named Paris (as in France, not Hilton) who happily takes up most of my free time. She's a miniature American Eskimo (though she shakes in the cold weather. Pansy.) and is so full of energy, she wears me out just watching her, let alone chasing after her! I'm such a mom, though, and take pictures of her more than I do myself.  She's extremely social and more popular at my apartment complex than I am!

I have an older sister who is in Montana getting her PhD (smarty pants) and a younger brother who goes to UT in Austin, both of whom are my best friends. My parents are my role models and as scary as it is, everyday I notice something new about myself that I get from each of them (mostly in a good way).  I love to bake, but my favorite thing is traveling - I plan on being a world traveler, so watch out!

My inspiration comes from the simple things in life. I love looking at small things and items often overlooked and realizing how happy their simplicity makes me. I love the vintage 1920s feel and sometimes (or rather, most of the time) think I'm living in the wrong decade. I love bright colors that pop and clean, straight lines.

I am learning so much here and know I have more to go! Kara and Kat are my greatest mentors and are teaching me more than they know - I cannot wait to make my mark!

Au Revoir, mes amis :)

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