Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Hottest Color for Years to Come

Pantone may have officially named turquoise the "it" color for 2010, but we're loving it for years to come!
According to Suite101.com, Pantone specializes in tracking the most popular colors from home decor to fashion. It was a no-brainer that turquoise be the color to provide the perfect soothing tones to make people feel relaxed and calm - like you're on vacation!

Turquoise is a special color because it incorporates both blue and green color characteristics. Blue is known for being calming, relaxing and inviting. Green is known for being very fresh, luminous and rejuvenating. It only makes sense that their baby - turquoise - would inherit the best traits of both and provide us with a color that pops not only on paper, but in all aspects of fashion and in the home as well!

On paper, turquoise can be used to liven up a space that feels boring or too formal. It adds a great pop of color to provide excitement to the space. It works great with a wide rand of colors such as black, white, grays, and browns. This is great because it means turquoise can be easily incorporated in almost any color scheme.

For a winter fashion look, pair turquoise with more solid, darker colors such as navy and shades of charcoals and grays. The darker tones will weigh down the outfit while the turquoise adds the bright pop.

It's easy to see why Pantone named turquoise as the "it" color for 2010. But we say that turquoise will remain one of the hottest colors well beyond this year.

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