Wednesday, October 20, 2010


While thinking about new and different marketing ideas, we came upon the IndieGenius micro boutique marketplace that will be opening in Dallas, more specifically Bishop Arts District in North Oak Cliff, next month. We were intrigued, interested and impressed with what we saw.

Basically, a micro boutique is an open space where multiple independent business owners who have dreamed about opening their own boutique, but always have something standing in their way, have the chance (at a lower cost) to open a small boutique. With IndieGenius, businesses rent out a space alongside other businesses with room to decorate, display and sell merchandise. This gives the opportunity to have the traffic, space, and advertising that a full size boutique does but for a fraction of the cost!

The space will look a little something like this (give and take a little to concentrate on displaying our stationery)

5X10 Sample Boutique Space

What do you think? Getting involved would have benefits such as: an independent selling platform, creative independence on how to decorate/set up our space, open six days a week, impulse buyers from other sellers, independent business workshops to help us grow, and a place where we could send our Dallas-based customers.

Would this be a good idea? Should we be a part of it? Let us know!

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